Commissioning a painting from Claire is a creative and collaborative project for all involved, depending on how much input a client wishes to have. The objective is for you to have a work that you really love, and to enjoy the process as well as the final outcome.

01. Research

Using Claire’s portfolio of past, recent and current works, choose the pieces that resonate – for whatever reason – with you. Decide on the size of the work that you want and contact Claire.

02. Agree a Deposit

This (somewhat unusually) will cover two – sometimes more – works from which you will choose your final piece. Clients enjoy having this final decision – sometimes slight nuances mean that one or other is preferred.

03. Choose a Colour Palette

Colour palettes are discussed, often depending on the ultimate situation/room in which the work will be hung.

04. Work Begins

Claire will produce and varnish your piece(s) in an agreed time – usually a couple of weeks – and the final work(s) will be taken to be framed (in the frame colour of your choice) and couriered to you as soon as possible. The whole process takes around a month – usually less.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of art by Claire, please complete the form below and she will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Commissions Request

    Please upload any images from which you'd like Claire to draw inspiration from.